Envee Footwear November 14 2015

Our own brand footwear is a blend of elegance and tradition with a unique twist of Envee flair.

Handmade in Italy out of the finest leathers and suedes, this autumn’s exclusive collection features sumptuous rich colours in wearable, practical styles.



Sherwood is a classic fine Chelsea boot available in Emerald, Damson and Lavender suede.




Elegant Elverson in soft polished navy leather is a wardrobe stable to complete any outfit.

 Available in store and online while stocks last. Sizes range from UK 2–8


Envee Christmas Gift Guide November 03 2015

Afternoon Tea With Envee June 30 2015

Envee Care November 20 2014

Envee of Monmouth Gift Guide November 03 2014

Christmas is fast approaching and so we have created a lovely selection of gift options all available from Envee of Monmouth! 



Autumn 2014 at Envee of Monmouth October 08 2014

Autumn 2014 has welcomed a fabulous fresh direction at Envee of Monmouth. Our own private label has been ushered into the collection adding another element of superior exclusivity to the brand.

Envee private label takes its inspiration from the colourful history of the United Kingdom, classic, heritage styles finished in shades that look back to times of unity and pride. You will be treated elements of British racing green, deep dark reds and subtle Scottish heather combined in a truly British collection.

Autumn 2014 has also introduced a complete accessories collection. From elegant felt fedoras, classic umbrellas, cosy tartan scarves and our signature selection of leather wares Envee’s accessories collection ensures a well-polished outfit suitable for a lady about town.

Envee’s brand portfolio has been tailored precisely this Autumn with an elegant selection of loafers and brogues from Barker of Northampton alongside Envee’s private label. You will also see directional quilted leathers and waxed cotton, a strong company of Harris tweeds and inspiring, decedent materials, sumptuous suedes, pony and tactile brushed nubuck.    

Our younger clientele will also see a vast, trend led collection of school satchels from tweeds to vibrant prints together with block staple colours. An exclusive range of fashion forward suede ankle boots, metal trimmed fashion boots and super lightweight platform loafers also caters for our chic new generation clientele.

To review, Autumn 2014 is an aspirational collection of superb, classic styles in shades to set your desires aflame, a tailored selection both practical and sublime, appropriate across the generations.  

We hope you enjoy shopping with us this Autumn.  



Vaseline's Top Secrets! by Beauty, Bits, 'n' Blogs July 02 2014


Hello Lovely's,


I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine. In my April favourites one of my items was vaseline, part of the reason for this was because it has so many uses! I promised I would do a post on just how many things you can actually use vaseline for so here you go! :)


1. Lip Balm - just apply a little bit with your finger.
2. Use it around the rim of nail varnish bottles if you struggle with them getting stuck shut.
3. Rub a tiny amount on your wrists when applying your perfume as it will help the scent stick around.
4. Dab a little bit round your hair line before dying your hair, it will stop you getting those embarrassing hair colour stains on your skin.
5. Rub it around your cuticles to stop them drying out if you don't have any cuticle oil.
6. Apply to the heels of your feet and then put a pair of socks on, just b.fore bed and leave over night, it makes your feet super soft.
7.  Put it on to your eyelashes at night to help your lashes grow and also appear thicker.
8. Before applying fake tan rub into dry areas of your body, like your ankles, knees and hands, to stop streaking.
9. Put a little bit on your earrings before putting them in your ears, this stops you getting those sore ears you get with cheaper earrings!
10. Add sugar or sea salt to vaseline to give you a great body scrub.


So these are just a few of the ways you can use vaseline, I could of gone on and on with different ideas! Hope this gives you a couple! Let me know if you have any other great vaseline tricks! :)


Thanks for reading


Lots of love!


Win £50 of online Envee vouchers! July 01 2014

Arrival of 'Barker for Envee'! June 06 2014


Envee of Monmouth are happy to announce that two of the new 'Barker for Envee' styles are now available in store and online!

Originally worn by Norwegian dairy farmers it wasn't till the 1930’s that the penny loafer entered the world of fashion. The shoe maker John Bass started producing loafers with the iconic slit strap across the front. It wasn't long until college and school students started using this to store a penny (or dime) as emergency funds to use a pay phone, thereby coining the name (sorry). This was later turned in to a fashion statement and even more so when popularised by James Dean and John F. Kennedy.

This versatile shoe is now a staple in the fashion world adorning the feet of the young and old from farms to offices.  Long live the penny loafer!

This classic, lovingly handmade penny loafer is available in two modern colour ways. 


Envee Competition Ends 31st May 2014 May 23 2014

Envee of Monmouth are running a competition for the chance to win a free purse. 

To enter simply search Envee of Monmouth on Google and write us a Google review, its that simple. 

Your name will be entered into a competition to win one of five beautiful patent animal print purses.

The competition deadline is the 31st May 2014. 

Good Luck. 




Count down to 'Barker for Envee' May 22 2014


Envee of Monmouth are very happy to announce the immanent arrival of our signature collaboration with Barker Shoes. 

Scheduled for delivery at the end of May 'Barker for Envee' will be a unique heritage collection of exclusive loafers in distinctive colour combinations available through Envee of Monmouth. 

Barker shoes have been an English tradition for over a hundred years. Only the most carefully selected leathers are used and the uppers are shaped on the last by hand. Many other traditional shoemaking methods are still employed including slow natural drying and polishing. This is why Barker English shoes have a unique quality that no machine can ever match.

Envee's unique collection will monopolise on hundreds of years of quality production and combine it with contemporary colour combinations to provide a beautifully crafted and exclusive item that you will adore. 

The countdown is nearly over...


             Above:  Barker 'Kate' in-store now £179.00

Envee of Monmouth Online April 07 2014

Envee of Monmouth is renowned as a pioneering footwear boutique for style and craftsmanship in luxury women’s footwear and accessories. 

Our new website offers a fresh and simple shopping experience conducive to stress free browsing and pleasurable purchasing. 

The brand exemplifies accessible luxury for everyone and prides itself on a superior product and experienced staff with expert knowledge of trends and we endeavour to ensure that our new site extends our reach worldwide, promoting our esteemed brand image and unique product range.

This site will offer up-to-date news and features about our exciting collaborations with boutique English and European design houses, promoting one off products ranges unique to Envee of Monmouth. 

Envee’s highly commended customer service ensures a pleasurable shopping experience and a service that extends far beyond our own doors. Our new and improved website can help us to extend that service worldwide allowing everyone to be part of the Envee community.